It’s Time To Think Different

A One of a Kind Industry Summit to Take Your Distribution Business to the Next Level

02 Needs A Catalyst Bubble

It’s a frightfully familiar scenario.

Smart, motivated people attend a conference, and from the very start, they think to themselves: “Haven’t I heard this before?”

They are glad they went.  It was good to see old friends and to support the industry.  But on the flight home one final thought emerges: “These conferences are like sitting at my grandfathers dinner table.”

UnleashWD is different.

Original, Creative, and Disruptive Thinking

Outstanding Experience, Ideas, and People


New Content For Distributors

Two Days Structured With The Innovative Distributor In Mind

07 The innovative Distributor

The summit is structured around the four core attributes of what makes a distributor innovative.

The innovative distributor has a level of fury with the status quo that they have to act. They think forward and different.

The innovative distributor is committed to finding unmet customer needs and creating products, services, and systems to meet those needs. In doing so, they create, deliver and capture value in such a way that they become the disrupter rather than the disrupted.

And it is you, the transformative leader who is the key to offset the inherent inertia of the status quo and obliterate it by unleashing a spirt of innovation.

What Makes UnleashWD The Industry’s Must Attend Event?

It’s the unique combination of energy, people and a format like no other

Take a look at the unique UnleashWD experience

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What Attendees Say About UnleashWD

They’re Leaders Within Distribution Just Like You

"Probably the most inspiring conference I have been to, made me really want to start making the massive changes I know are needed tomorrow!"

Andrew Carlson
Brady Corporation, Global Director, Strategic Pricing

"The event is nothing like anything that is currently being offered in our industry"

John Pregenzer
COO, Valin Corporation

"If your traditional business model is no longer producing the same results, you need to attend this event."

Joseph Nettemeyer
President and CEO, Valin Corporation

" A wholesale distribution business looking for ways to implement new ideas or looking for the catalyst to change gears from the status- quo certainly would benefit from the mountains of great material provided at this event"

Mike Miazga
Editor of Supply House Times

"Will force you to think differently about EVERYTHING"

Doug Jones
Edward Hines Lumber, President

"If you want to challenge yourself and surround yourself with individuals and organizations who are looking to thrive, this is the conference to go to."

Anthony Filipovic
The Chase E. Phipps Company, Vice President of Administration

"Quality. The meeting was carefully and intentionally planned for achieving the goals of the participants. I would say that everyone who attended came away with some new ideas and challenges."

Tim Gupton
Carswell Distributing Company, Vice President

UnleashWD Innovation Summit

September 16 – 17, 2015 • Chicago, IL


Companies Attending Have Included