Two Strategic Days That Will Transform Your Company’s Future


P r o d u c e d    B y    T r u s t e d    I n n o v a t i o n    L e a d e r    D i r k    B e v e r i d g e

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UnleashWD Is A Remarkable Event That Inspires Both Professional And Business Transformation

UnleashWD’s purpose is to provide the inspiration, education, and connections you need to transform your business. This November we will host the most driven leaders throughout distribution  – from almost every imaginable line of trade –  in the modern and sophisticated Venue Six10, with its panoramic views of downtown Chicago and Lake Michigan.  Since 2012 we have hosted hundreds of inspired attendees from all across North America and we’re excited to be better than ever in 2017.

Through our focused curation of inspiring speakers, innovative storytelling format, intimate sessions with our speakers to get your individual questions answered, and tons of purposeful networking, you will experience how the UnleashWD experience, and our Innovative Distributor™ content, is truly transformational.

Are You Ready?

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From the attendees to the presenters, there is an energy in the room from start to finish. Everywhere you turned, people were talking about how to look at their business from a different lens – you aren’t often in that type of environment, where there are masses talking about change.  That is inspiring – it pushed me to think differently.

5 Significant UnleashWD Differences That Make This Summit The Most Important Two Days Of 2017

#1:  We Challenge You By Looking Outside Of Distribution To Uncover NEXT Practices

Here’s our premise…You know how to manage a distribution business.  You even have loads of distribution best practices in place.  That’s why we fill the UnleashWD stage with innovators, leaders, and disrupters from outside of distribution … so you look at your business through a new lens to uncover NEXT practices.  This new lens creates the urgency for change.

#2:  You Wrap NEXT Practice Wisdom Around The Innovative Distributor™ Model

Here’s our second premise…100% of the content we deliver must be relevant to your business.  The entire two-days is built around the latest industry research and The Innovative Distributor™ model.  That’s where brilliance happens!

#3:  We Ignite Both Left & Right Brain

Premise number three … Innovators use both their left and right brains.  Each content session of UnleashWD is a cross between a Tony Robbins retreat, a McKinsey executive strategy session, and a Stanford Executive Education workshop. You and your team’s mindset can’t help but shift to one of possibilities and inspired action.

#4:  You Get Intimate With Those Who Teach

Premise number four … You have real questions that need real answers.  At UnleashWD our speakers don’t enter the stage from behind a black curtain.  They are immersed in the summit sitting alongside you, dining with you, and collaborating with you.  These intimate conversations lead to game changing break throughs!

#5:  We, You, and They Create The Most Meaningful Of Relationships

And Premise number five … Not all distributors “get it.”  The UnleashWD community, your fellow attendees are THE forward thinkers in distribution.  They get it!  You’ll connect on a new level and forge meaningful relationships with the best of the best at distribution’s only innovation summit.  This is where they hang … and you should too!

Come To Learn How To Innovate. Leave Prepared To Lead Your Company Into The Future. GUARANTEED!

What Attendees Are Saying



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Beyond the Accolades … Stories of Innovation and Transformation

“We were inspired to innovate! After returning from UnleashWD we took immediate action to beta test a new innovative communication platform that will improve both our customer’s and our own efficiency. We are now also in the process of clearly looking for paths to disruption in our market. That was not something we were intentionally working at prior to UnleashWD.” – Nick Porter • Chief Operating Officer • Porter Pipe

2017 Speakers

UnleashWD 2017 Is Your Opportunity To Learn From and Interact With World-Class Innovators, Disrupters, and Leaders

Jeffery Sears

CEO & Co-Founder
The Modernist Group

Ryan McCarty

Culture of Good

Scott Moorehead

TCC Verizon

James Gustin

Fig Media

Stephen Shapiro

Innovation Instigator
24/7 Innovation

Steve Riddell

CSO Worldwide Telesales

Kevin Otero


Becky Simpson

Illustrator & Author
Chipper Things

Robert Tucker

Innovation Resource

Nicolle Baker

Area Rental Manager
Enterprise Rent-A-Car

Nate Sachs

Founder & Owner
Blueprints For Tomorrow

Greg Satell

Digital Tonto

Steve Epner

Managing Member
The Startup Within

David Houle


Dirk Beveridge


this amazing 2017 lineup!

Although the networking was great, there were multiple speakers that floored me.  I could not have anticipated the valuable insights they provided. – Bob Grayson, United Electric

Priceless Networking Opportunities

There is not another gathering on the planet where you can intentionally multiply your network with like minded, growth oriented, and innovation seeking leaders from throughout distribution.  Through our formal and informal networking opportunities you’ll connect on a deep level with fellow attendees who are motivated to collaborate during and long after the summit. UnleashWD community members like these innovators who have previously attended UnleashWD:

Registration Now Closed

UnleashWD 2017  •  NOVEMBER 2–3  •  Chicago, illinois

**Don’t miss your chance to create the mindset, urgency, and alignment with your entire leadership team.  The most repeated comment during breaks is “I wish ______ was here with me.”  Exponentially improve your experience during – and most importantly after – when you attend as a team. From an attendee, “Taking everything we’ve learned back as a team will lead to real action.”

Plan Your Trip

We put as much thought into the venue and host hotel as the UnleashWD conference itself.  UnleashWD is returning to Venue Six10 on Michigan Avenue in Chicago for the sixth consecutive year.  Year after year, attendees tell us the atmosphere inspires new thinking and new connections.  And it will for you in 2017!

We are also returning to our host hotel the Renaissance Blackstone Chicago.  In historic Grant Park, the Renaissance Blackstone is just a 90 second walk to Venue Six10. The hotel is set in the restored grounds of one of the city’s most famous addresses, Katherine Hepburn, Al Capone, and numerous U.S. presidents have been captivated by the building’s charm.  It’s not just a beautiful place to stay, it’s also perfectly functional and comfortable for UnleashWD attendees.

Quick Agenda

Wednesday, November 1

  • 6:30 PM – Informal Pre Summit Reception Hosted By Dirk Beveridge

Thursday, November 2

  • 7:30 – Registration & Breakfast
  • 8:30 – 5:00 – UnleashWD Summit
  • 5:00 – 6:30 – Networking Reception
  • Evening – Dinner With Other Attendees And Speakers

Friday, November 3

  • 7:30 – Breakfast
  • 8:30 -3:00 – UnleashWD Summit
  • 3:00 – Depart

UnleashWD provides a forum to think differently and test new possibilities for guiding our company successfully into the future. The program has challenged my thinking each year I’ve attended by providing a broad perspective outside of our industry. I always come away with new ideas for reaching our big goals.”  – Don Polletta • VP, Marketing • TORRCO

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How can I help make your meeting great?

Drop me a quick note – and we’ll start the discussion. Thanks for reaching out!


Thank you for submitting information about your upcoming meeting. Dirk and his team will get back to you very soon.

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How can I help make your meeting great?

Drop me a quick note – and we’ll start the discussion. Thanks for reaching out!


Thank you for submitting information about your upcoming meeting. Dirk and his team will get back to you very soon.