Message From the Founder

UnleashWD: Transforming the Distribution Industry One Business at a Time

Letter from the Founder

When I announced my plans for UnleashWD my friends, business contacts and industry insiders asked: “Why take the risk?” When I saw the financial figures for last year’s event I understood their concerns. Building an event from scratch takes an unbelievable investment in time, money and effort. So why do it? The wholesale distribution industry creates 1 in 20 private sector jobs in the United States.  These jobs create financial well being for your employees. They also create economic growth in the community. When I consider the risks of not reinvesting in Wholesale Distribution the costs associated with building UnleashWD seemed like a pittance. The status quo is the real cost.

Need For Change

As I travel the country working with distributors, I hear about the challenges.  From the slow economic recovery to being disintemediated in the value chain.  I also listen to potential solutions. Behind the scenes, most owners and C-Suite executives confide that most of what is being suggested, is simply “more of the same.” Most tell me that their business is not learning or changing as fast as the rest of the economy.

What We Believe

The UnleashWD advisory board formed to find a catalyst for new solutions throughout the industry. We agreed that distributors must INNOVATE. Great promise exists in the wholesale distribution industry and its 300,000 businesses – including yours.  UnleashWD gathers the best and most innovative minds on the planet to create an environment to immerse in their ideas and stories, and then to lift and shift those ideas into your Wholesale Distribution business. We believe this is how the industry and you can unleash a stronger future. Join the growing community who believes it’s time for change; It’s time to Lift and Shift. See you and your team at UnleashWD this October. Dirk Beveridge Dirk-Signiture-6-99 Founder, UnleashWD March 2013

  September 16-17
Venue SIX10

Spertus Institute
610 S. Michigan Avenue
Chicago, Illinois