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We would like to thank our innovation-enabling sponsors, who have contributed to the success of this first-ever innovation summit for the wholesale distribution industry.

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Insite Software is the leading shipping and eCommerce platform provider of B2B, B2C, and mobile solutions for over 950 global customers. Insite’s products are used by many leading companies for end-to-end eCommerce across dealers, franchisers, stores, contractors, consumers, and others.

Additionally, Insite offers an internationally enabled supply chain shipping solution. Both offerings are fully integrated with the leading ERP and cloud platforms.

Learn more at www.insitesoft.com and connect with us via Facebook, LinkedIn and Twitter.





For wholesale distributors looking to unleash their business by leveraging a single platform to run their entire business, NetSuite offers a unified cloud platform to provide a real-time 360 degree view of your customers and business, anytime, anywhere, and in real time.

The NetSuite Wholesale Distribution Edition automates and streamlines business processes, so you can cut costs and grow profits. NetSuite combines customer-facing sales force automation, marketing, and customer service processes with inventory management, fulfillment, and accounting.



WayPoint Analytics provides detailed costing and profit analytics for wholesale distribution companies. Armed with accurate, granular profit numbers, executives have posted significant and sustainable triple-digit profit gains, while increasing customer service and market penetration. With visibility of their underlying profit dynamics, any business can be a leader in its market, association and industry. WayPoint also delivers education and training on strategies and techniques used to translate profit data into action that delivers profit gains.




4th Generation Systems helps distributors, manufacturers and supply firms build more meaningful and focused sales and marketing organizations through a combination of employee development strategies – all focused on achieving better business results.

At 4th Generation Systems, we believe that optimal growth results when employees have a deep understanding of the company’s distinct vision and are committed to providing customers with continually deeper value.

We help business leaders get results through our inspiring and interactive approaches. We offer the only learning-coaching-collaboration environment in the industry, which ensures deep understanding through a variety of learning tools and active participation. We integrate classroom learning with an online curriculum that includes personal coaching, team collaboration and real-world challenges. Our programs, which are tailored to each client situation, are easy to introduce into the business as they drive greater competitiveness, personal motivation and alignment behind the vision.



MITS is the leading provider of reporting and business intelligence solutions for wholesale distributors. Since 1996, MITS has empowered thousands of executives and other non-technical users to unleash the data in their ERP and other business systems to make better decisions.

MITS Distributor Analytics includes browser-based reporting tools, plus 200+ customizable reports, dashboards, and scorecards covering key performance indicators and commonly asked distributor questions in sales, inventory, purchasing, pricing, GL, AR, and more.

Connect with MITS on Twitter or on LinkedIn.


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