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Produced By Trusted Innovation Leader Dirk Beveridge

summit 2018

October 3–4, 2018 : Chicago

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Two Days Away From Your Business …

To Work On Your Business

UnleashWD is the only innovation summit for distributors that focuses exclusively on preparing your business for the future, by helping you get better today.

UnleashWD 2018 is your two days of strategic thinking away from your business that will set the trajectory of your business to win the future.  You will participate in an experience that has you stunned, excited, charged, prepared, and ready to create new solutions that your customers, suppliers, and employees will embrace. 

Of course we will inspire.  But understand, we design this one-of-a-kind conference to also provide roadmaps, frameworks, case studies, tools, and resources … all of which answer the question “How do I do this?”  You will return to your business with the vision, specific action plans, and energy to win in the age of rapid change.

Above all, we must always look to the future. Foresee the future of new inventions. Be unafraid of the new. Delete from our vocabulary the word “impossible.”

Giovanni Agnelli  |  Founder, Fiat

Fresh, Actionable, And Inspiring Content From A World-Class Faculty Addressing The Disruptive Forces Distributors Are Facing Today

We have designed for you a transformative curriculum expertly curated around the strategic questions distribution leaders are asking today.  Below are the topics that we’ll openly discuss with our brilliant faculty on October 3–4 to open your mind to new possibilities and solutions for these difficult questions.

  • How can we leverage digital innovations?
  • Do we have the right talent for the digital age?
  • Can I afford the needed investment in technology to be competitive?
  • How do I get the big data equation right?
  • How do I formulate the right strategic thought process in the age of rapid change?
  • How do I escape the tyranny of the urgent to craft a strategic plan beyond 1 year?
  • Are we changing as fast as our market will demand?
  • Do I have a team of leaders prepared to propel business growth?
  • Is our business built to meet the changing buying habits of our customers?
  • Is short-termisim inhibiting our ability to innovate for the future?
  • Are we creating innovation through inspired and purpose driven employees?
  • How can we become customer obsessed to lead our innovation efforts?
  • Can we redefine the status quo to achieve amazing outcomes?

Redefining The Status Quo To Achieve Amazing Outcomes

UnleashWD Premise:  Entrepreneurial distributors who optimistically embrace the possibilities that today’s fast changing world presents – win.

“Make no small plans because they’re all possible” is the mantra of our opening keynote speaker.  This entrepreneurial and pioneering distributor will show us how to redefine the status quo with a combination of energy, imagination, and desire to generate 10X market growth rates – as they have done over the last two decades.

The Digital Transformation Of Distribution

UnleashWD Premise:  Distributors that win the future will be technology enabled making the needed investments to insure relevance.

The single most disruptive force distributors are facing today is the rapid change being forced by technology.  The opportunity and threat are both massive in the eyes of leading distributors.  Your technology vision is both an inflection and investment point that will define your future.  This all NEW session will help you sense and shape your digital future.

How Long Term Thinking Leads To Winning Innovation

UnleashWD Premise:  Many distributors face an internal struggle with desire for growth, change, and innovation, yet are pulled back to security and even yesterday.

In many distributors there is a clash between generations and an internal struggle balancing risk and reward, offensive and defensive investments, playing it safe and building for tomorrow.  In this session (that you will want to participate with a team of leaders from your organization) we will deep dive into the clash and how winning organizations defeat short-termism, align around the long term to innovate for tomorrow, while becoming better today.

Innovation Through Inspired & Purpose Driven Associates

UnleashWD Premise:  For distributors to win in the future they must double down on building an inspired workforce that has the skill sets required in the new digital age.

The urgency of building a team of inspired individuals, aligned by meaning and purpose is real.  For too long we have accepted that “distribution is not sexy.” Yet our team of associates is the lifeblood of our future.  The not so secret weapon of winning the future, but hard to achieve, is in having the best people and the best culture.  You do that, and you are unbeatable.  This session will show you how.

Customer Obsession Led Innovation

UnleashWD Premise:  Innovation begins and ends with leading customers to a better future for which they are willing and capable of rewarding you.

Your customers are wonderfully, beautifully dissatisfied and it is with this dissatisfaction that your innovation journey begins.  We’ll unleash your customer obsession with tangible solutions to get closer to your customers, to understand their business – maybe better than the customers themselves – and to deliver new value that set’s you apart in the marketplace.

The Leadership Imperative

UnleashWD Premise:  Companies don’t change, transform, and innovate.  Leaders do.

Nothing is forever.  Winning in the age of rapid change requires transformative leaders who are prepared to create their organization’s future. In this session focused on your leadership skills and abilities, we’ll focus on how you can move your organization to become faster, stronger, bigger, better, and smarter.

We Believe

We believe that as leaders we can create whatever we have the courage to envision.  We can overcome every obstacle.  Conquer every challenge.  Seize every opportunity.  Invent new solutions.  We can produce enlarged, stunning results. 

We believe, we can win in the age of rapid change!

From the attendees to the presenters, there is an energy in the room from start to finish. Everywhere you turned, people were talking about how to look at their business from a different lens – you aren’t often in that type of environment, where there are masses talking about change.  That is inspiring – it pushed me to think differently.

UnleashWD Multi-Year Attendee

Who Attends UnleashWD

At UnleashWD you’ll be surrounded by other optimistic distribution leaders who believe that change generates opportunity.

You’ll make new connections and develop game-changing relationships with those outside your normal circle.  You’ll interact with others who have an insatiable thirst for knowledge.  You’ll share stories, ideas, and collaborate with smart and driven leaders who don’t just embrace change, they push it.  They are the change agents, who are hungry for more, hungry to lead their organizations into the exciting future. They know they are leading in unprecedented times … and embrace the future with a healthy constructive paranoia.  These are the ones always seeking their next.  They are not bound by today but are stimulated by possibilities.  They are the progressive and proactive.  They are the students of the business with an unrelenting ambition to make their mark in this world.

And they want to experience UnleashWD with you this October 3–4.

Our 2018 Speaker Lineup

UnleashWD is your opportunity to learn from and interact with unparalleled innovators, disruptors and leaders who believe that Anything Is Possible. 

Andrew Berlin

CEO | Owner
Berling Packaging

Mark Allen

Six-Time Ironman Champion
Mark Allen Coaching

Erin Grossi

Director, Digital Strategy & Innovation

Kerry Stover

Pariveda Solutions

Colin Pucket

Head of Seller Marketing
Amazon Business

Dr. Dana Wells

President | Founder
Dana Wells & Associates, Inc.

Shawn DuBravac

Global Futurist
NY Times Best Selling Author

Randy Jones

Principle | Consultant
Jones Development Group

John McDonald

President | Chairman | CEO

Dirk Beveridge



Check back soon!
We are carefully curating even more amazing presenters.  

Early Bird Registration Closes June 29th

UnleashWD 2018  •  October 3–4  •  Chicago, Illinois

**Don’t miss your chance to create the mindset, urgency, and alignment with your entire leadership team.  The most repeated comment during breaks is “I wish ___ was here with me.”  Exponentially improve your experience during – and most importantly after – when you attend as a team. From an attendee, “Taking everything we’ve learned back as a team will lead to real action.”

Plan Your Trip October 2–4, 2018

We put as much thought into the venue and host hotel as we do the UnleashWD Innovation Summit itself.

UnleashWD is returning to Venue Six10 on Michigan Avenue in Chicago for the seventh consecutive year.  Year after year, attendees tell us the atmosphere inspires new thinking and new connections.  And it will for you in 2018!

We are also returning to our host hotel the Renaissance Blackstone Chicago.  In historic Grant Park, the Renaissance Blackstone is just a 90 second walk to Venue Six10. The hotel is set in the restored grounds of one of the city’s most famous addresses where Katherine Hepburn, Al Capone, and numerous U.S. presidents have been captivated by the building’s charm.  It’s not just a beautiful place to stay, it’s also perfectly comfortable for UnleashWD attendees.

Quick Agenda

Tuesday, October 2

  • 6:30:  Informal Pre-Summit Reception Hosted By Dirk Beveridge

Wednesday, October 3

  • 7:30:  Registration & Breakfast
  • 8:30–5:00:  UnleashWD Summit
  • 5:00–6:30:  Networking Reception
  • Evening:  Dinner With Other Attendees And Speakers

Thursday, October 4

  • 7:30:  Breakfast
  • 8:30–3:00:  UnleashWD Summit
  • 3:00:  Depart

UnleashWD provides a forum to think differently and test new possibilities for guiding our company successfully into the future. The program has challenged my thinking each year I’ve attended by providing a broad perspective outside of our industry. I always come away with new ideas for reaching our big goals.

Don Polletta  |  VP Marketing, TORRCO

7th Annual UnleashWD Innovation Conference
October 3–4, 2018 : Chicago, Illinois

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How can I help make your meeting great?

Drop me a quick note – and we’ll start the discussion. Thanks for reaching out!


Thank you for submitting information about your upcoming meeting. Dirk and his team will get back to you very soon.

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How can I help make your meeting great?

Drop me a quick note – and we’ll start the discussion. Thanks for reaching out!


Thank you for submitting information about your upcoming meeting. Dirk and his team will get back to you very soon.

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