Disruption In Distribution &
​​​​​​​The Vital Innovative Mindset

In this dynamic and compelling FREE webinar Dirk Beveridge, Founder of UnleashWD, and industry thought leader Kelly Squizzero, Industry & Solution Strategy Director with Infor, will detail six disruptive trends impacting distribution. They will then leverage their collective research to dive into the proven mindsets of innovative distribution leaders who are seizing opportunity and growth in these disruptive times.  You will leave the webinar energized with new ideas to create innovative, relevant and profitable solutions the market will reward.

​​​​​​​Dirk Beveridge
Founder, UnleashWD

Dirk Beveridge is unleashing an innovation movement throughout distribution. The author of INNOVATE! How Successful Distributors Lead Change In Disruptive Times, and the founder of the ground breaking UnleashWD Innovation Summit delivers original, proven, and often disruptive thinking. After studying and researching hundreds of organizations that suffer marketplace mediocrity, Dirk created a framework for innovation that significantly shifts companies into better performance … not just for today, but more importantly, for tomorrow.

​​​​​​​Kelly Squizzero

Industry & Solution Strategy Director, Infor

Kelly Squizzero has been with Infor for over 30 years, specializing in wholesale distribution. In her role as the Director of Industry & Solution Strategy, Kelly works closely with customers, prospects, and analysts to understand the challenges wholesale distributors face. Kelly is responsible for ensuring Infor’s products and messaging are aligned with wholesale distribution requirements, and she assists customers and prospects in developing digital transformation strategies. ​​​​​​​
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